Cornerstone Community Church supports various missionaries and outreach programs through prayer and monetary donations. We also participate in individual outreach projects throughout the year. Examples from this past year include food drives for food banks, backpack collections for children entering the foster care system, toy and personal care product drives for Haven of Rest shelter, hosting an Easter Eggstravaganza, as well as others. We are committed to serving where the Lord leads us to serve.

Missionary Spotlight

Chrissy Greenwell

Saltillo, Mexico

A call, a strong burden for the lost, was placed on my heart as a teenager. I wasn’t allowed to go on a foreign missions trip, so I looked for ways to reach the lost around me. As I grew and headed off to college, the burden remained and I knew God wanted me to go further in this calling. He wanted to “stretch my horizons,” as some say. I prepared to go, and I went to McAllen, Texas, as a Volunteers in Action participant. You might think McAllen isn’t foreign, but for me it was! After serving there for a year, I applied for career appointment with WGM and was assigned to serve on the Mexico Field.

Traveling and sharing my passion for reaching Mexico with the gospel wasn’t easy for me at first. God gave abundant grace, and soon I was off to language school and service in Mexico. It’s now been 15 years since that journey began, and I’m amazed that God’s grace hasn’t run out! As we learn more about the Lord and grow closer to Him in our personal walk, He challenges us and asks us to go that “little bit further.” Why? I think the answer is two-fold: He wants to make us more like Him; and He needs us to reach the rest of the world for His kingdom.

When I return to Mexico after these next six months in the United States, I’ll be pushed to go a “little bit further” in moving to a new town, planting a new church, seeking after the lost, and discipling new believers. I hope you are doing the same–being pushed by the Holy Spirit and being obedient to that pushing. He’s calling all of us a “little bit further.”

"... and the cornerstone is Christ Jesus Himself."
Eph. 2:20 NLT