CCC Ministry Coordinators / Volunteers

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the contact list below and we’ll be happy to help.

Church Family (Physical / Spiritual Care, Connection & Well-being of the People)
Bulletin Boards – Susie Crane, Kristin Witherow, Tammy Guy
Christian Education – Lisa Page
Communion – Joan Daugherty and Barb Jeffries
Daughters of God – Lisa Page
Hospitality – Anna Lou Klein
Men’s Group – Dan Page
Prayer Chain – Evelyn Rost
Soundboard – Ron and Diane Fost, Greg Facemire, Tony Guy
Ushers & Greeters Coordinator – Bob Klein
Women’s Group – Diane Nichols
Worship Leaders & Musicians – Shawn, Shelby and Xavier Denton, Keith Moxley

Building & Property / Finance (Maintenance & Upkeep / Finance Team)
Building Maintenance Coordinator – Bob Klein
Property Maintenance Coordinator – Bob Klein
Secretary / Counter – Diane Nichols
Treasurer / Counter – Ann Cheronis

Outreach / Evangelism (Reaching Those Who Aren’t His Yet)
Community Involvement Coordinator – Dan Page
Concerts / Events Coordinator – Dan Page
Kindness Outreach Coordinator – Dan Page

"... and the cornerstone is Christ Jesus Himself."
Eph. 2:20 NLT